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We are wedding photographers based in Indianapolis, Indiana with a focus on storytelling.  Our husband and wife team excels at capturing candids and romantic portraits to help tell the story of two people in love.

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A husband & wife lifestyle wedding photography blog, highlighting the sessions captured by the team. Located in Indianapolis and South Bend.

{Engagement: Ashley and Davin}


Ashley and Davin are a very sweet couple.  They met in Denver at a cattle showing, only to find out they were both from Ohio.  After many dates and a couple of years, Davin popped the question at Ashley's childhood farm. Since showing cattle is how they met and is still a big part of their lives, we incorporated the feel of the country life, and of course the cattle.  That week was very wet, so when we approached Sunday, Mother's day, I started to get a little worried.  Fortunately the rain stopped for the shoot that day, but it was very wet.

I'm definitely a city girl poser.  I was raised in home surrounded by cornfields and a town called Farmland was in my backyard.  The name says it all.  On our free time, my friends and I would hang out on a farm or go on long bike rides in the country.  I'm DEFINITELY not a city girl... even though I decided to wear my knee high leather boots that day.  If I was thinking correctly, I would have put on my leather cowboy boots and fit in with the rest.  With that said, I was not scared at all.  I love animals, I love mud (I'm so lucky I end up with a baby boy).  Although my appearance for the day was that I don't like mud or animals... I do.

I can't stop saying how sweet Ashley and Davin are.  They were very welcoming when I arrived and the entire time they were so positive.  I shot ended up being longer, mostly because I loved being around them.  Ashley has a smile that is genuine like Olivia Mary de Havilland in "Gone with the Wind" (Am I a total nerd for referencing that?).  Not only is Davin a driven guy who will be a great provider, but he also loves Ashley in a true and honoring way.   I love working with couples like this!

The session was a lot of fun and it was so sweet of Mrs. Rumpke for sharing her daughter on Mother's Day.

I hope you enjoy!