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We are wedding photographers based in Indianapolis, Indiana with a focus on storytelling.  Our husband and wife team excels at capturing candids and romantic portraits to help tell the story of two people in love.

Jennifer Van Elk Blog

Gompers Park | Chicago, IL | Julia & Dave


A husband & wife lifestyle wedding photography blog, highlighting the sessions captured by the team. Located in Indianapolis and South Bend.

Gompers Park | Chicago, IL | Julia & Dave

Jennifer Van Elk

Underneath a weeping willow tree, the earth slopes gradually to the waterfront of the Gompers Park Lagoon. There is not an official path back to the weeping willow, just a foot trail through the waist-high weeds that was trampled down by the many visitors the park sees everyday. After walking back there with Julia and Dave, it felt like we were alone. Gone was the relentless thud of a basketball hitting the ground as a group of ten kids played a pickup game. We couldn’t even hear the crack of the softball bats from the other side of the park. It was a lovely little hideaway, and I understand why so many visitors before us have braved the weeds to walk back to this solitary spot. I love finding places like this one, where the leaves of a weeping willow tree reach down to ruffle the surface of the water.

All of Gompers Park was incredibly beautiful, and the shoot there with Julia and Dave went well. They looked at each other with a fondness I typically only see in new relationships, though they have been dating for about seven years. Perhaps this is why they were incredibly relaxed and comfortable with one another. I am so glad I was able to make the trip out to Chicago with Steve (and our son Iain) to capture these pictures. I cannot wait to witness their wedding in a few weeks.