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We are wedding photographers based in Indianapolis, Indiana with a focus on storytelling.  Our husband and wife team excels at capturing candids and romantic portraits to help tell the story of two people in love.

Jennifer Van Elk Blog


A husband & wife lifestyle wedding photography blog, highlighting the sessions captured by the team. Located in Indianapolis and South Bend.

Happy New Year!


Hipster Baby says, "I didn't watch the ball drop because I had better things to do.  I did go to this club to celebrate, "Sequoia," you've probably never heard of it.  I enjoyed this tea, instead of champagne, because it won't destroy the ozone. Happy New Year."

Happy New Year from Hipster Baby and Jennifer Van Elk Photography

If you enjoy seeing kids dressed up like Hipsters as much as I do: Read me!

We catch Iain doing all kinds of crazy hipster things... we might make a bi-weekly feature out of his quirkiness, just for giggles.