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We are wedding photographers based in Indianapolis, Indiana with a focus on storytelling.  Our husband and wife team excels at capturing candids and romantic portraits to help tell the story of two people in love.

Jennifer Van Elk Blog

New Castle Engagement | Memorial Park | Leah and Cody


A husband & wife lifestyle wedding photography blog, highlighting the sessions captured by the team. Located in Indianapolis and South Bend.

New Castle Engagement | Memorial Park | Leah and Cody

Jennifer Van Elk

The sun was low in the sky, far from its zenith but not quite low enough to be considered setting yet as I walked up a hill in the Henry County Memorial Park with Leah and Cody. The sun's radiance shining through the verdant leaves of the deciduous trees at the peak of the hill beckoned us onward. The world was lush, green, and alive at the end of August, and the playful light had us in a cheerful mood. Near the top of the hill I asked Cody to hold his fiancé, Leah, and look deep into her eyes. As they looked at each other, without any direction, smiles quickly crept across their faces. I love it when a couple cannot help but to smile lovingly as they look at each other. As I captured the moment a smile snuck its way onto my face as well. Love is contagious, and I'm so glad I become infected during every engagement shoot and wedding that I capture. I always leave happier and with a renewed affection for my loved ones. Shooting with Leah and Cody was a lot of fun, and I am really looking forward to capturing their wedding next year.