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We are wedding photographers based in Indianapolis, Indiana with a focus on storytelling.  Our husband and wife team excels at capturing candids and romantic portraits to help tell the story of two people in love.

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A husband & wife lifestyle wedding photography blog, highlighting the sessions captured by the team. Located in Indianapolis and South Bend.

{Wedding: Molly and Ben}


Molly and Ben's wedding was an adventure.  A little before 3:30pm, right as Molly is about to slip the ring on Ben's finger, the power goes out.   I quickly turned on my flash and continued with pictures, but I saw my husband running down then stairs to grab his.  This was definitely a first. The pastor grabbed one of the candles, from the unity candles, and continued with the exchanging of the rings.  A few minutes later, a man runs down the aisle. "Umm, I'm sorry to interrupt, but there's a tornado that touched down near Millersburg."  I heard a few panicked sighs, but for the most part everyone calmly moved down to the basement.  Over 300 people moving down to a small church basement.

'"Not everyone's going to fit." I hear someone say.  It took a little over 15 minutes to get everyone into the basement.  I asked a guest where Millersburg was located and he told me about 8 miles east.  My eyes got big.  Luckily, nothing went through Emma, Indiana.  Although the power was out during the ceremony and reception, everyone seemed to be having fun.

So, despite all the issues with weather,  Molly and Ben were married by the end of the day.

Molly and her bridal party were a blast to hang out with at Aspanay Salon and Day Spa.  They were constantly making me laugh.  I love this aspect of my job. Hanging out with women, my own age, having a good time.  Is this really a job?

Ben and Molly met on a beautiful lake for their revealing.  Ben paced a little while waiting for Molly to arrive in her vintage car.  She pulled up and he walked to the door.  He opened it up and grabbed her hand.  Molly was gorgeous!  She stepped out of that car like she was stepping onto a red carpet (in this case green).

"It's like the royal wedding!" One of Ben and Molly's friends exclaim.

Their peacock feather themed wedding was beautiful. The details were very unique and made for a very sophisticated feel.  The wedding party played a game at the reception which was like "who knows them best."  We learned that even though Molly picked that particular theme, she actually dislikes birds.

Molly and Ben, you guys are amazing!  It makes me sad that it's all over.  Definitely one of my favorite weddings to shoot and one I'll never forget, for all the adventure and wonderfulness you both are!  Best Wishes!

Please feel free to view and share  the pictures or watch the slideshow (below the images) to see more pictures from their day.